My life’s mission is about empowering people to feel good in their bodies and to be able to take their health into their own hands.

Lucie Agnima

I discovered yoga during a difficult time in my life and I immediately felt the amazing effects of this practice, not only on my body but also my mind, my emotions and my entire being.

Since this first meeting with yoga, it accompanied me throughout my life. It has its charm, it can be practiced by everyone and it's always beneficial. When I discover something that works really well I make it my mission to share it with others.

So I began practicing yoga more and more and spontaneously began to share it with my friends and family. I followed this path and completed a yoga teacher training with Johan Noorloos, a well-known yoga teacher in the Netherlands.

After some time I discovered the amazing exercises of Dinah Rodrigues. Having gynecological problems throughout my life and being a yoga teacher I became excited about this practice.

I started practicing HYT (Hormone Yoga Therapy) which has provided me with enormous benefits and I felt the need to share it with other women as well. I now feel great and that's the reason why I became a certified instructor of HYT under the personal guidance of its founder, Dinah Rodrigues.

My background is in healthcare and social work. I have many years of experience as a kindergarden teacher. Before that, I worked for several NGO's (human rights, social participation, and immigration) and studied as a laboratory technician working in hospitals (biochemistry).

I have always been interested in these disciplines and my fascination in the magic of human body at all levels gives me the base for yoga therapy. That's also why I love to be involved in the process of empowering people to reactivate their forces at the cellular, energetic and mental level.

I’m still participating in various trainings, seminars and workshops. I perceive yoga as a mission. Practicing yoga created an awareness that I can apply throughout my entire life. It gives me the ability to live closer to my passions and to live from my heart.


I would like to welcome you to join my workshops and classes. All workshops and classes are in English. Agnima speaks also Dutch and is registered by Yoga Alliance.