90 years old yoga teacher of mine - Dinah Rodrigues

I love yoga. I love to teach yoga, especially in the therapeutic way. The last year I had the opportunity to meet my big inspiration in yoga therapy, the great Dinah Rodrigues. She, in her 90 years age is not only teaching and promoting her method of Hormone Yoga Therapy around the globe, but also giving intensive trainings to a new hormone yoga teachers.

One can feel quiet young next to Dinah but at the same time old because she just spread tons of life energy around herself.

I was very lucky to study directly with Dinah for two years and completed the Hormone Yoga Therapy method for women and the method for diabetes. Hopefully will my beloved teacher come to the Europe and the Netherlands in the next year, so many of you could meet this amazing woman.

Dinah is Brazilian psychologist, yoga teacher and therapist. She was practicing physical exercises from an early age and felt later in love with hatha yoga. She felt that yoga was what she was looking for and she developed a big interest in deeper studies of several branches of yoga. After practicing hatha yoga and studying yoga deeply for many years one day her gynecologist Dr. Luciano M. Nardoza commented that Dinah's health was excellent. She was then 63 years old. Very naturally she told him that probably it was because of very serious practice of Hatha-Yoga. 

Dinah Rodrigues with her student performing adapted Matsyendrasana

Dinah Rodrigues with her student performing adapted Matsyendrasana

That was the first stimulus to Hormone yoga therapy series of exercises to activate the production of female hormones. 


What is Hormone Yoga Therapy?

1 Dynamic yoga

It presents results in a short time and is not difficult to practice.

2 The Results

Results are encouraging because it increases hormone level and eliminates the menopause symptoms (as well as the symptoms of diabetes, PMS, hypothyroidism, infertility, PCOS...). But the results depend on the persistence in the practice. Hormone Yoga Therapy has very positive results, reactivating hormone production and bringing back menstruation and fertility.

3 Difference between Hatha-Yoga and Hormone Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a practice to maintain health.  It is composed of postures and pranayama’s (breathing exercises) with body awareness and relaxation. Hormone Yoga is therapeutic and is based in physiology. The asanas are dynamic, with very strong pranayama’s to massage and reactivate the glands. It uses also the Tibetan Energy Technique to reinforce the results.

4 Techniques from other branches of Yoga

Energy Yoga / Kundalini Yoga (from Swami Sivananda) / Technical Tibetan energizing


Warming up exercise - Leg stretching on the floor

Warming up exercise - Leg stretching on the floor


Goals and proposals of Hormone Yoga Therapy

Hormone Yoga Therapy works upon the organism as a whole (holistic approach), acting on several levels:

1. On the Physic level

  • Turning the muscles more strong
  • Correcting the posture
  • Increasing the flexibility and the lightness of movements
  • Modeling the body
  • Helping to fix calcium in the bones

2. On the physiological level

  • Reactivating the hormone production and, consequently, eliminating the menopause symptoms (Hormone yoga for women) or the symptoms of diabetes (Hormone yoga for diabetes).
  • Preventing the illnesses caused by low hormones (hormones of sex. glands, thyroid gland, insulin ...) and harmonizing the work of the organism as a whole.
  • Bringing back fertility

3. Psychic level

  • Preventing stress, depression, insomnia ... 

4. On the energetic level

  • Activating the individual energy (prana)
  • Improving its absorption and distribution by the chakras.
  • Bringing more vitality and wellbeing.


Find more about Dinah Rodrigues on her website: https://www.dinahrodrigues.com.br/home-en

Slimming exercise works upon the thyroid gland

Slimming exercise works upon the thyroid gland