What affects the quality of sperm and how HYT for men can help to improve male fertility?

What does the result of a spermiogram (semen analysis) actually say about the male fertility? Does the poor outcome of a spermiogram mean there is infertility? Is this condition an unchanging state or will it get worse over time? How to improve the quality of sperm?



Spermiogram (semen analysis) evaluates certain characteristics of a male's semen and the sperm contained therein. This is the most important test to evaluate male fertility by checking quantitative sperm traits (e.g. total sperm count, sperm volume etc.), qualitative sperm traits (e.g. sperm morphology, motility etc.) and other parameters. Semen is defined as the whitish viscous fluid emitted from the urethra during ejaculation, containing sperm cells and seminal fluid. 

It is very important to know that the result of the spermiogram is NOT final, so the men do not have to worry about the bad result, it is only the current orientation. Every three months, the body itself creates new sperm, that is, the sperm of a completely new quality. And it depends on many factors, what will be the "new" quality. If a man undergoes several sperm examinations within three months, the sperm count is very likely to be the same as the previous one.

What can men do to improve sperm quality?

What has a negative impact and what a positive?


Negative influence:

  • Stress

  • Lack of sleep

  • Poor diet

  • Smoking

  • Excessive drinking of alcohol

  • Lack of hormones

  • Lack of physical exercise

  • Hot baths

  • Frequent sauna (due to overheating of the testicles)

  • Tight underwear

  • Lack of sex

  • Chronic inflammation in the body (often not revealed)

  • Notebooks and cell phones often placed near genitals

In addition, spermiograms can be negatively affected by genetic factors (chromosomal abnormalities), serious illness or injury. These factors can hardly be affected.


Positive influence:

  • Elimination of stress (anti-stress techniques)

  • Regular sleep

  • Quality food

  • Check up on the current state of health

  • Lifestyle adjustment

  • Avoid electrosmog (turn off mobile phones and wifi devices overnight)

  • Regular exercise (especially Hormone Yoga Therapy for Men)

  • Enjoy relationship and sex with your partner

  • Improve resistance, physical condition, and immune system by toughening up the body with cold showers, air baths or winter swimming



The best way to improve male fertility is the method of Hormone Yoga Therapy for Men, which has a very positive influence on the hormonal level, but also on the overall physical and mental health of men. HYT for men helps harmonize the hormonal system of men and has a big anti-stress potential.

Hormone yoga is a combination of yoga poses and intensive breathing techniques. It is a set of 16 dynamic yoga exercises aimed to stimulate the endocrine system. The glands secrete hormones in the body which subsequently circulating in the bloodstream and affecting the function of distant organs. The exercises also remove the blocks in the area of the entire locomotor system.

The author of this therapeutic method is Dinah Rodrigues (91). She has been dedicated to yoga for over 60 years. She studied psychology, but she is a world-renowned and respected yoga instructor and therapist. It took her about 20 years to create HYT and she consulted the method with recognized yoga teachers, physicians, and physiotherapists.

The method works at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Part of the series is energy-harmonizing with psychosomatic effects, helping to eliminate the physical problems which have been arisen in the psyche.



Hormone Yoga Therapy for Men helps with the following problems:

  • burnout and physical and mental exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • symptoms associated with andropause (lowering of testosterone hormone)
  • problems with the prostate (also suitable as a prevention)
  • infertility and poor spermiogram results
  • incontinence
  • hypothyroid
  • digestive problems, overweight
  • problems with erection and low libido
  • stress

HYT generally supports fertility, helps boost immunity and rejuvenates the body.


written by

Petr Bavlšík, Certified Instructor of Hormone Yoga Therapy for Men by Dinah Rodrigues

Lucie Agnima Aligerova, Certified Instructor of Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women and Diabetes by Dinah Rodrigues