10th February 2019 | Introduction to Hormone Yoga Therapy


Where: Yoga Spot, Laan der Hesperiden 142, 1076 DX Amsterdam


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Come to the Introduction lecture to find out more about this unique method of yoga therapy. We will explain you how does it work, and who can benefit from it the most. We will learn the basic techniques and the warming up exercises as well as anti-stress exercises so that you can continue yourself. Do you immediately feel the positive effects of the exercises? Then you can sign up for the hormone yoga course that starts in November!

HORMONE YOGA THERAPY (HYT) restores the hormonal production and has a positive effect upon the whole endocrine system. Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is a natural treatment without medication, but with specific exercises reactivating hormone production. The series of exercises is dynamic with specific breathing technique to massage and reactivate glands. It combines Energy Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Tibetan energy techniques.

exercise "Flying hair"

exercise "Flying hair"

Hormone Yoga is not only for women. There is also series for men and series for diabetes. In Hormone Yoga Therapy for Diabetes the techniques are the same, but the exercises are a little different, as they are meant to activate different glands – hypophysis, thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidneys and adrenals.

HYT was specifically designed by Dinah Rodrigues for women with complaints caused by hormonal imbalances. Even if you don’t have any symptoms it’s very beneficial and works preventively, especially to people with predisposition to diseases caused by low hormone levels, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases. HYT is dynamic and relaxing. A regular practice leads to quick results.

In Hormone Yoga the techniques we use are:
a) Dynamic Asanas
b) Special Pranayamas to Stimulate Different Glands And Circulation.
c) Tibetan Energy Techniques.
d) Bandhas, Mudras, Mantras and Kryias
e) Therapeutic Yoga-Nidra

“A woman with low hormone level is getting older,” says Dinah Rodrigues (90). In her age she still travels around the world, speaks several languages and teaches thousands of women. It’s literally ‘walking advertising’ to the fact that as women, we really need to pay attention to our hormones to stay vital and beautiful.
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